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The custom sink was fabricated using quartz slab for the counters with an integrated trough sink, creating a duo trough with two linear grid drains and two matching single lever faucets. The visual is very dramatic as the counter thickness is 6" thick. The cabinetry is made of wood and painted in a deep blue grey lacquer. With storage as the main focus, we needed to customize the built-ins to suit our specific needs. The vanity is composed of deep drawers and a separate linen/ towel closet. The makeup cabinet is counter height and has a hidden pull out surface to sit at if desired.

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Custom versatile cocktail table made of lacquered wood that we had painted with a black exterior and white interior for extra contrast in the design. The smaller of the tables sits on casters making it easy to pull in or out for more entertaining room. It also has a closed bottom shelf to allow for more storage in the open space.

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This custom bar was designed to focus on the backlit, acrylic panels that emulate white alabaster, complimented by a white quartz counter. The bar is located in a smaller living room space so we tried to keep the facade very clean by keeping the wet surface, including the sink and fridge hidden behind the counter. Additionally, we kept a lot of the bottles on display through the use of glass floating shelves to alleviate storage issues in the small space. 


This client had a large china collection as well as a large dining space with quite a bit of room to fill. The custom cabinet is composed of two foot antique mirrored doors housed within an ebony stained rift oak base completed with brass hanging pulls.

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This basement built in was created to counteract the difficult layout of the space. Due to a combination of a desire for a larger seating area, as well as, an existing wall, we decided to put the tv section of the built in on a slight angle to be enjoyed by all. The client also wanted to utilize an existing mirrored wall behind the piece. The design is composed of a charcoal rift oak with open shelving and additional mirrored detailing completed with acrylic and black hardware.

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This client required seating for 12 in their dining room but also requested that it be square to fit well in the smaller space. The base is a white lacquered wood made to be moved to fit a changeable custom cut glass top.

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This piece is located in a mudroom office space and is designed to optimize storage and be multifunctional. The family has three school aged children that use the desk for art and homework while their parents use it at night as a work space. The black painted cabinetry with the natural dark stained countertop were selected to have a mid century modern vibe complete with brass and black lighting and accents. 

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This custom shelving unit was designed in a living space with not a lot of open floor space. It was designed to sit out of the way between two entry ways but still provide the room with more surface space. We lined it with a metallic wallpaper and offset some of the shelves to mimic the modern glamorous feel of the rest of the space. 

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