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  • What types of services do we offer?
    Full Service Design caters to clients looking to work on full rooms or homes with the whole image in mind. Please click on the links above or see our How We Work tab for more information
  • What does full service design include?
    Full-service interior design consists of 8 major phases: Design Questionnaire Initial Consultation Design Agreement Initial Concept and Design Presention Final Proposals and Deposits Procurement, Site Visits, and Labor Install and Accessories Final Billing Our full-service approach enables us to see projects through initial concept to completion, designing your home down to the final detail. For more information please visit the Full Service Design page.
  • What does the design fee cover?
    The design fee covers the conceptual design phase up to proposals and deposits phase. It pays for the concepts and schemes for the room/house done by our team. Once you have agreed to move forward with the design, we begin ordering and request deposits on all of the items. For more information please see Full Service Design
  • How do we handle purchasing?
    After you have been given an official design proposal and everything is approved, we begin the Purchasing and Implimentation Phase of your project. The duration of the phase is time dependent on scope of project as well as manufacturer and delivery schedules. We will initially require a 50%-70% deposit on all items to be purchased before the process begins. The phase covers: · Placing orders & assessing delivery times · Complete the purchasing of goods · Clarify and communicate estimated delivery times · Manage open orders by efficiently tracking goods · Manage the installation timeline and schedule deliveries Additionally if we are acting as project manager as well, this will also cover overseeing construction items and timelines.
  • Can you reccomend vendors for my project?
    Part of what you pay for in working with us is our design experience as well as our long lasting relationships with our vendors and contractors. We have developed a long list of companies and craftsmen that we love in order to give you the home that you are looking for. In working this way we can ensure a fair price, professionalism, and quality products. In order to accomplish this, we do not reccomend our dealers to you but instead you hire them through us.
  • Do we get a discount?
    Yes! While we don't compete with the internet, we do extend a discount off of retail to our clients though it does differ from vendor to vendor.
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