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It saves you money and time.

It may sound strange but hiring an interior designer saves you money by saving you from making costly mistakes while also offering you a discount off of retail pricing. A well designed room also raises the value of your home come resale time.


You’re getting a professional assessment.

Interior Design is a beautiful balance between art and math, and a trained pair of eyes will catch all of the details. With Danielle you are getting a design education and more than 25 years of experience plus the combined experience of her staff. By using a designer you are also gaining knowledge of current trends and receiving a well thought out floor plan specific to your project. We additionally provide you with CAD drawings and look pages to help you visualize your space before we even begin.


We have access to trade only vendors.

There are things available to designers that just aren’t available to everyone. By having countless trade only accounts we have access to items to make your home beautiful and unique to you.


We have a studio with project manager assigned to your project.

Let’s face it, we speak contractor. There is always someone to handle communications, purchasing, and overall management of your project. Your project will be assigned to a manager at our design studio but if they are unavailable at any point, there is always someone available to speak to at DRP 5 days a week between 9-5.


We have long standing relationships with contacts and vendors. 

It’s not always easy to find the right people for your home but with our years of experience, we have accumulated a growing list of licensed contractors and vendors that we trust.


Wow factor 

Some things just can’t be done on your own and we offer knowledge and attention to detail that could get overlooked when trying to work out your own space. You will get not only a more beautiful home but a highly functional space that meets all of your needs.

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